Delft University of Technology is one of the largest and oldest technical universities in the Netherlands and attracts scientists and students from all over the world.




In 2020, in cooperation with IHE Delft University, Ekoinwentyka provided an internship opportunity for 5 international students in their second year of Masters degree in IMETE Erasmus. During the 5 weeks of this cooperation, the students took part in various field and laboratory activities aimed at gaining knowledge of bio-purification technology using Compact Trickle Bed  Bioreactors (CTBB).








Ekoinwentyka as the Economic Pearl of Silesia!

Our innovative technology for bio-purification of air in Compact Trickle Bed Bioreactors was developed by the Invest In Silesia website – the Silesian Investor and Exporter Assistance Center of the Marshal Office of the Silesian Voivodeship.

In the #100procSlaskie – Economic Pearls series, every Thursday contains entries on interesting companies from our region – Silesia!

On Thursday, 09.07.2020, Ekoinwentyka appeares in # 100procSlaskie. We are honored to find ourselves in a noble group of Economic Pearls of Silesia!


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Uwaga, uwaga! ???Jeśli dzisiaj mamy czwartek… W naszym cyklu #100procSlaskie, czyli Gospodarcze Perełki Śląska, bo…

Gepostet von InSilesia am Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2020


We are pleased to announce that Ekoinwentyka won the title of Business Cheetah 2019, awarded in the fourteenth edition of the Business Cheetahs 2019 Competition. This ranking presents the dynamics of business development in Poland.

The title of Business Cheetah 2019, increases the Company’s credibility, helps to stand out among thousands of companies, inspires trust and inspires respect.

We are very pleased that Ekoinwentyka sp. z o.o. was among the fastest growing companies and received the title of Business Cheetah 2019. It is a very prestigious distinction for us, which is an expression of recognition for our work and efforts, focused on continuous development of the company and thus motivates us to further activities.




On 17-20 February 2020, in Colombia, there was the International Congress of Biorefinery and Renewable Energy supported by ICT, organized by the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia and addressing the topics of innovative technologies and solutions for global problems of the modern world.

The main theme of the Congress were Biorefinery, Renewable Energy, Water and Air, and Industry 4.0.

The main goal of the Congress is cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience of representatives from the scientific, business and government environment.

On February 19 and 20, at the facilities of the Colombian Oil Institute, business conferences and co-creation workshops were held that will allow the creation of alliances and projects aimed at strengthening the policy of sustainable development (including the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union).

Ph.D. Damian Kasperczyk, President of the company Ekoinwentyka was invited to the scientific committee of the International Congress BERSTIC 2020 as one of the main speakers of the conference. He presented the subject of “Development and adaptation of technology for air purification in Three-Phase Compact Bioreactors for the automotive coating industry”.

Agenda of the Congress: Agenda Preliminar_11_02_2020
















On 6th of December 2019, in Gliwice was the International Conference on Environmental Protection and Energy, bringing together researchers and young scientists from around the world, organized by the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice and EIT InnoEnergy.

The main purpose of the conference is to exchange scientific experiences, including in the field of air, water, soil protection, waste utilization, renewable energy, sources and energy systems.

Ekoinwentyka presented their innovative technology of air purification in Trickle Bed Bioreactor during the presentation “Removing odors and volatile organic compounds in Trickle Bed Bioreactor”.

Ekoinwentyka received an award for the best presentation during a session at the VII Environmental Protection and Energy Conference.


On November 15, 2019, the ceremonial Gala of Awards of the Innovator of Silesia was held, which was organized by the Górnośląska Agencja Przedsiębiorczości i Rozwoju sp. z o.o. implementing the “Enterprise Europe Network” project.

We would like to inform you that EKOINWENTYKA once again took part in the competition in the micro-entrepreneur category, presenting the innovative technology for air bio-purification in Compact Trickle Bed Bioreactor.

On July 31, 2019, Ekoinwentyka Open Days were in the Silesian Industry and Technology Park.

We hosted companies from various branches of industry and science, as well as their young next!

The Compact Trickle Bad Bioreactor has impressed not only the youngest participants, but also their parents.

Students from IHE Delft University organized many interesting biological and chemical experiments as well as fun educational and quizzes, while everyone had a great time – both children and adults.


Open Days

31.07.2019  at  11:00 

We are pleased to invite you to the Ekoinwentyka Open Day

The event will take place at the company headquarters

at Szyb Walenty 26 and 32, in Ruda Śląska,

on 31.07.2019 from 11:00 to 13:00. 

During the Open Day, we will show the company’s international cooperation, innovative technology for bio-purification of air, the company’s business profile, as well as environmental, chemical and physico-chemical experiments in which both adults and children will be involved.

We warmly invite you and your children!

International cooperation with IHE Delft University

During the holiday season (from July to September), we hosted students from IHE Delft University. Students took an international IMETE internship in our company. 

During the internship, students learned about the innovative technology of bio-purification of air on both a laboratory and industrial scale, as well as the structure of Ekoinwentyka as well as most of the research and laboratory work performed by the company.

A head full of ideas is the best!

International scientific cooperation is a shot in 10!



The DREMA International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for the Wood and Furniture Industries is the most awaited meeting of the wood and furniture industry sector, which are the leader  of the world’s largest exhibitions dedicated to the woodworking industry. The technologies of tomorrow and solutions dedicated to woodworking, furniture and sawmill industry as well as wood energy are presented on them.

The event took place on September 10-13, 2019 in Poznań.

In addition to many exhibitors, many different industry events took place, such as lectures and workshops.

President of the company Ekoinwentyka  Ph.D.  Damian Kasperczyk gave a lecture on the Application of VOC air purification technology and odors in compact trickle bed bioreactors (CTBB) in new industries, including the wood industry.

During the lecture the functionality of the technology, its high level of VOC and odor reduction as well as low investment and operational costs of the process were presented.

After the lecture, you could take part in discussions with the speakers at the stand of the “Lakiernictwo Przemysłowe” magazine, as well as consult individually.



On March 18, 2019, the Polish-German Economic Forum was held at the Ministry of Economy and Energy in Berlin, the subject of which was “Digitization – Energy – Mobility”.

This event was organized on the initiative of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of the Republic of Poland, Jadwiga Emilewicz and the Minister of Economy and Energy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Peter Altmaier.

Ekoinwentyka had the pleasure to participate in the Polish-German Economic Forum, which offered B2B participants the opportunity to establish business contacts with partners from Germany, as well as participation in specialist industry workshops and panel discussions.


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