About Us

About Us

Ekoinwentyka is a fast growing company that is launching their innovative solutions for air purification.

It is the goal of our activities to find creative solutions to defined problems, especially in the fields of ecology and natural environment protection. To reach this goal, we employ all innovative tools and technologies. Relying on our knowledge and experience, we activate our creative thought in various areas, which makes it possible to implement solutions for industry that are innovative and attractive in their economical and ecological aspects.

Ekoinwentyka has already won many prestigious awards and distinctions over the years. Recently, the company was among the fastest growing companies and was awarded the title of “Gepard Biznesu” 2019, qualified for the second stage of the Innovator of Silesia 2020 competition and received the distinction of Green Phoenix 2020 for scientific and research achievements in the field of Ecoenergetics. These prestigious awards are recognition of our work and efforts and motivation to further engage in research and development activities.

Air pollution is one of the major problems faced in many urban areas all over the world. Out of the great number of pollutants emitted to the atmosphere, VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) belong to one of the most hazardous groups of air pollutions. The emission of VOC’s receives so much attention also due to the fact that in the presence of NOx they can very easily form ozone O3, which is known to be the key component of photochemical smog. These pollutions are so harmful not only because they are toxic substances, but also because in the air they undergo a range of complex transformations, which can aggravate their toxicity even more. Over the past decade biological degradation of Volatile Organic Compounds emitted to the atmosphere has become the alternative solution to many physical or physicochemical air cleaning methods. The use of biological VOC’s cleaning methods, which rely on our proprietary know-how, constitutes the leading product offered by our company.

Mission and Values

In the heart of our activity, there is the objective to protect people and the environment we all live in. It takes the struggle for perfection, continuous research and the ability to hear customer’s needs to be able to provide cost-efficient and environmental-friendly solutions. It is our obligation to continuously improve our products and services to be able to guarantee the best available solutions for waste management. We focus on:


We support our customers in the process of value generation and risk minimization in their business activities. We are aware that in any execution of a task or order, it is the excellent result that counts in the first place. We are able to deliver that with the help of our experts.

Respect for the Natural Environment

We keep working towards sustainable improvement of the quality of our lives.


For our customers we employ state-of-the-art technologies and we care to provide the best efficiency of our solutions.


What we consider to be the foundation of our contacts with the customers is partnership and balanced relation based on transparency and trust.


We pay particular attention to the observance of rules and ethical standards that underlie our activities. In our development, we rely strongly on the cultivation of efficient communication and fair-play in all steps we take.


The development of our company is founded on individual approach to every customer. It is our goal to satisfy the customer’s current and future needs, which may arise from altered social requirements or legal regulations.

Our second distinctive feature is the ability to provide comprehensive service which makes our solutions ecologically efficient and helps optimize customer’s investment expenditures and operational costs.

Our products are being continuously improved based on the latest global solutions and in-house Research & Development works. For this work we employ the skill and knowledge of our staff and users’ experience.

We treat the after-sales support with particular care. We keep monitoring the operations of all our products throughout their whole operational life, which helps our customers minimize their maintenance works.


We propose a cutting-edge solution for the control of emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in industry. Using the process of biodegradation, we have invented the most efficient system which helps our customers meet the requirements defined in EU Directive no. 1999/13/WE and new legal regulations that are going to become effective in this field in the future.

Solutions that we propose are founded on science called ekoinwentyka, i.e. the search for creative solutions, which is to address defined problems especially in the fields of ecology and natural environment protection. To find such solutions we not only use innovative tools and technologies, but we also stir our creative thought in many areas relying on our knowledge and experience.

We have worked out a process of biological degradation of Volatile Organic Compounds emitted to the atmosphere. This process takes place in bioreactors and it has become the alternative solution to many physical or physicochemical air cleaning methods

Observing the processes in the natural environment, we use microorganisms to perform biodegradation of organic pollutants. We create optimum conditions for these microorganisms to grow, and we accelerate certain processes which naturally occur in the environment too, but slower and less efficiently.

The experience we have gained provides us with a strong ground, on which we can plot, scale up, and properly operate industrial triple-phase bioreactors with solid bed.

The key advantages of using triple-phase bioreactors for air treatment include their high efficiency of removing VOC’s emitted to the air, low investment and operational costs (the process is performed at the atmospheric pressure, at ambient temperature of approximately 30oC, there is a renewable bacterial flora) and ecological cleanliness of the conducted process (there are no secondary pollutions).

Social aspects of the implemented technology are of equal importance. They include reduced devastation of natural environment and lower rates of morbidity and mortality in the whole society.