We are pleased to invite the academic and business community to present research work to the First Congress on Bio-refineries and Renewable Energies supported by ICT, to be held in the city of Medellín, Colombia from September 17 to 20, sending original scientific papers on innovative ideas, developed solutions that address real problems, empirical works, case studies, etc., in the topics that fit the topics of the congress.

Link to Congress:



1.Transfer the knowledge acquired from national and international experts to researchers, as well as to people linked to the industrial energy field or anyone interested in the subject.

2.Develop co-creation workshops, business roundtables between academia, companies and international and national experts in order to generate alliances or exchange knowledge around specific projects.

3.Identify solutions based on the capabilities and technologies developed by universities, industry or government that are applicable to the country’s and global energy challenges.

4.Conduct a summer school that allows a different educational space to promote academic-scientific activities among students, researchers, and national and international experts.