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Measurements: TOC, VOC’s, Chromatography

We perform VOC’s and TOC measurements in accordance with the methodology compliant with the Regulation of the Minister of Environment, dated November 4th, 2008 on the requirements for conducting measurements of emissions volume and measurement of the amount of intake water (Journal of Laws No. 206, Item 1291).

We offer a wide range of analyses based on gas chromatography. In chromatography, one can isolate separate components from a mixture of compounds (substances). This measurement makes it possible to identify (qualitative analysis) and to estimate (quantitative analysis) the volume of all the compounds present in the sample. Compounds which can be analyzed with this method need to have sufficient thermal stability and required volatility. Gas chromatography can be applied as long as all or some of the particles remain in gas phase or in vaporous state at 400-450oC or below this temperature, and they do not disintegrate at this temperature.

Chromatography is one of most frequently applied methods in industry and in various laboratories to conduct a fast analysis of complex mixtures of chemical substances, and to assess the purity of these compounds. Some applications of gas chromatography include:

  • petrochemical industry – e.g. to determine chemical composition of produced petrol;
  • natural environment protection – to determine the degree of pollution of soil, air and water;
  • crime detection – e.g. to analyze the origin of drugs based on the impurities they contain;
  • anti-doping control – where GC-MS constitute the basic methods to detect the presence of prohibited substances in blood, sweat, urine and sportspeople’s hair extracts;
  • food industry – to test the composition of resources and food products, and to track adulterated foods.

The advantage of gas chromatography is that it can test a really small sample of the analyzed material – from 0.01 µl up to maximum 100 µl.

We offer spectrophotometric analyses and processing of microscope photographs.