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About Us

Ekoinwentyka is a fast growing company that is launching their innovative solutions for air purification.

It is the goal of our activities to find creative solutions to defined problems, especially in the fields of ecology and natural environment protection. To reach this goal, we employ all innovative tools and technologies. Relying on our knowledge and experience, we activate our creative thought in various areas, which makes it possible to implement solutions for industry that are innovative and attractive in their economical and ecological aspects.

Air pollution is one of the major problems faced in many urban areas all over the world. Out of the great number of pollutants emitted to the atmosphere, VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) belong to one of the most hazardous groups of air pollutions. The emission of VOC’s receives so much attention also due to the fact that in the presence of NOx they can very easily form ozone O3, which is known to be the key component of photochemical smog. These pollutions are so harmful not only because they are toxic substances, but also because in the air they undergo a range of complex transformations, which can aggravate their toxicity even more. Over the past decade biological degradation of Volatile Organic Compounds emitted to the atmosphere has become the alternative solution to many physical or physicochemical air cleaning methods. The use of biological VOC’s cleaning methods, which rely on our proprietary know-how, constitutes the leading product offered by our company.