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Bioelimination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) takes place in the cocurrent gas-liquid bioreactor. This process is performed at the temperature ranging from 25 to 30oC, and with the cocurrent flow of gas and liquid. The gas phase is the polluted air, whilst the liquid phase is the water solution of mineral salts, which constitutes the nutrient for the bacteria in the bed. The bacteria in the bed are being previously immobilized and accordingly adapted to a specific pollutant. Throughout the whole process, the system provides a continuous qualitative and quantitative monitoring of the biological material, and of VOC’s concentration in the stream of the cleaned gas.

Based on the transmitted technical data, we adjust a company’s production process to the requirements of Solvent Emissions Directive (SED), EU Directive (1999/13/WE), and the Act of April 27th, 2001, i.e. Environmental Protection Law.

Unlike conventional methods, the technology of biological gas cleaning of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) performed with the triple-phase reactor with a solid bed involves low investment and low operational costs which result from the process being conducted at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure. Additionally, there is low energy consumption and easy access to raw materials (i.e. bacterial flora), and there is no need to regenerate the biological material responsible for the treatment.

There is completely no waste generated in the process. What proves the ecological cleanliness of the conducted process, is the absence of secondary pollutions. This method does not move the pollutants over to other spheres of natural environment.

The installation for reducing Volatile Organic Compounds from air at its flow rate ranging from 5000 do 120000 m3/h shall be designed and constructed based on the data transmitted by the Buyer, whereby the Buyer shall specify the characteristics of pollutants and their concentrations at the ultimate outlet of the production process. This is an installation which operates on continuous basis and guarantees the required reduction of emissions. The core element of this system is the reactor made of acid resistant stainless steel sheet, which is equipped with automation system that controls the whole power supply and air treatment systems. This helps minimize the labor load involved in handling at the level of operator’s desk.

The figure shows a simplified diagram of the bioreactor operation.