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Technological Consulting

Using the experience we have at our disposal, we support our customers in reaching their environmental goals. We offer the following:

  • Consultancy on plotting new machines, boosting the size of existing reactors, optimizing the operations of those that are already being operated, and adaptation of an innovative solution, according to which bioelimination processes can be used for cleaning the air of VOC’s and for biodegradation of lube oils that pollute soil and water.
  • Support concerning implementation of innovative technologies.
  • Environmental consultancy services, which promote pro-ecological attitude and sustainable development in the following areas:

- Water, its resources, main sources of pollution and water protection.
- Air, types of air pollutions and air protection; noise and vibrations in industry and communication.
- Power engineering industry and its impact on the pollution of all environmental elements.
- Food production technologies.
- Management of worn technical or automotive parts.
- Waste management.
- Economic aspects of environmental protection.
- Pro-ecological strategies of economic development; analysis concerning various aspects of man vs. environment relation.